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3D modeling is used in a variety of fields. Every time you want to pose an object or a scenery in a three-dimensional space, you need 3D modeling. Its use ranges from technical simulations to video games. Objects can be formed, illuminated and manipulated – in whichever way you choose.

An example for this is the video game “On The Road – The Real Truck Simulator“. The video game was developed in Germany, and the cities were supposed to be equipped with the typical phone booths, accordingly. The phone booth was built with reference to a photography, but the typical Telekom color had to be replaced with the pictured blue tone because of advertising laws and their restrictions.

Product design and technical prototyping make great use of 3D modeling, as well. Examples include an armchair and a model of a train. Both objects were built with reference to already existing products, as an exercise. Just as easily, we can build objects and technical equipment that hasn’t been produced, yet, to evaluate their looks and function. Additionally, you can evaluate the impression an object makes in a three-dimensional space more easily.

If you’re interested in adding a third dimension to your portfolio, we’re offering just what you need – 3D modeling.


Our work in 3D modeling includes:
product design | video games | architectural models | technical simulations