Empire Luxury
Club Co., Ltd.

everyone needs a little luxury sometimes

The Empire Luxury Private Club was founded by the entrepreneur Michael Schlatter from Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany. It’s located in Pattaya, Thailand. Once a fishing village, Pattaya has developed into a venue with a modern night life over the last 60 years – including resort hotels, shopping malls, bars and 24-hour clubs. There, the Empire Luxury Club offers a place to relax and meet up – whether for business or pleasure. The club offers a vast variety of drinks and cigars in a lounge area of 200 square meters. Its modern and impressive atmosphere satisfies even the highest demands. The menus are handed out digitally, on tablets, and membership cards offer special services, depending on the membership level. Those are just a few of the features dipool design was responsible for. According to the desired image the logo and website were created in an extraordinary style.


Our work for Empire Luxury Private Club, Pattaya includes:

consulting | corporate design | web design (WordPress) | logoprint media | membership cards | programming of digital menus/ tablets | website