Kemmler Präzisions-
werkzeuge GmbH

a clear-cut design for precision tools

Kemmler GmbH resides in Mössingen, Germany, but supplies clients from all around the world with their precision tools. Kemmler offers high quality products concerning every aspect of machine tools. They offer the whole package: consulting, production and distribution – for a precise and economic workflow in metal working. So, of course, a fitting image toward their customers is essential. dipool design coaches the company, and oversees Kemmler’s advertising campaign, since 2007. This concerns everything from print media, like catalogues, to their web presence, including the logo design and various photoshoots.


Our work for Kemmler GmbH includes:

consulting | logo design | photoshootsbrochures | product photography | 3D rendering | web design (TYPO3 & WordPress) | SEO/ SEM